pt 2/3 The End of Silver Price Manipulation, Price To Go Much Higher! (Ted Butler)

pt 2/3 The End of Silver Price Manipulation, Price To Go Much Higher! (Ted Butler)

Chris Interviews Ted Butler: The End of Silver Price Manipulation 2010 has been an exceptional year for silver. The price has increased over 50% to-date, and the CFTC (the US commodity regulatory body) issued a statement last month admitting that the market price of silver may have been (and still may be) fraudulently manipulated. An investigation is underway. Ted Butler is one of the pre-eminent commentators on the silver market. In addition to his decades following the metal, he’s spent years raising suspicions about silver’s suppression by a few large banks taking on egregiously large short positions. The current CFTC action is a direct result of Ted’s activism. In the podcast below, Chris conducts an in-depth interview with Ted focusing on the most important aspects that anyone interested in silver needs to know now. In short, Ted predicts the imminent end to the manipulation will ultimately send the price higher – much higher.



polygamous1 says:

excellent video the silver institute is also extremely good specially at how vital silver is to modern industry, from space to Jet engine bearing electronics PCs solar panels to coloidal silver for controlling eradicating infections immune to modern antibiotics in the end they wont be able to keep the prices where its in their interest for much longer but then what? will they consfiscate ppl’s silver? nationalise they are the law anyway allowed to oversell their stocks many times over

suddy669 says:

good interview thank alot.

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