Bruno Bandulet interview with James Turk

Bruno Bandulet interview with James Turk

Dr. Bruno Bandulet ( and James Turk of the GoldMoney Foundation talk about about the gold market, the Euro and the European debt crisis. Bruno explains how far the Euro has evolved from being a German-like currency to following French monetary policies and now is being managed like an Italian currency. He talks about how, despite it being a big issue in Germany, no major party has spoken out against it and so Germans are devoid of alternatives. They talk about how a major party in Switzerland has proposed a referendum over the reintroduction of a Gold Franc, which would circulate parallel to the paper Swiss Franc and allow the Swiss to save in gold. They discuss competing currencies and how the drive to centralize money had nothing to do with monetary stability or international trade, but rather was about political control. The return to the world’s traditional international money, gold and how this is disliked by politicians because of the discipline it imposes. Bruno explains how central banks still keep their gold as a base on which to build if the fiat money experiment crumbles. They explain the impending dollar crisis, the dire US fiscal situation and possible solutions that could be made if the political will existed. How 40% of US government spending comes from debt, levels only seen in countries near the tipping point on the road to hyperinflation. They also talk about confiscatory measures taken in many governments in similar straits, rather than
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In this video Ned Naylor-Leyland, Partner at Cheviot Asset Management, tells James Turk, Founder/Chairman of GoldMoney and Director of The GoldMoney Foundation, that corporates can benefit from sound money. Although the sound money movement does a good job educating retail customers, there is a lot of room to educate CFOs as well, as they can benefit from buying gold and silver and reduce payment risks. Watch the whole 21-minutes interview at
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ottaibi says:

thanks for the video !!!

infinummjb says:

Hehe, it’s true that market would choose the better currency but we all know which one is better (gold vs fiat). So politicians do not want to allow the market choice because it would constrain them in their spending.

That is why there are central banks – to control the inflation, to make it more or less even for all fiat currencies.

I’d love to see Goldfranken accounts 😀

penguinistas says:

14:10 In the US we HOPE that the US still has 8,000 tons of gold but that is in doubt since they have not audited the physical gold reserves since long before the 50’s era dog and pony show that was supposed to be an audit.

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