The silver price

The silver price

Watch the full 25-minute interview at Bill Murphy ( and James Turk talk about how undervalued double-digit silver is and reiterate James’ target of 400$ silver. The important thing is not how much it has gone up or what the dollar price is, but value. The small amount of physical silver relative to the huge amount of paper silver and even larger amount of paper money means that silver is still hugely undervalued. This video was recorded on 29 April 2011 in Munich, Germany.
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tcorourke2007 says:

Massive obvious ghost at 0:51

Hastyp says:

I just hope I can get a pile more before the price goes up!!!

continuityofliberty says:


“I think we’ll see spot price jump far down & premiums jump very high until people realize premium IS spot.”

That’s what I’m thinking too.

As a Goldmoney customer I’m trying to determine how they’ll address such a situation. It would be an interesting arbitrage opportunity if they continued to rely on a manipulated spot price while the price of physical goes higher. I wouldn’t play it that way, but some probably would.

ytgv3fc7 says:

@continuityofliberty There’s something out there called spotmex. There’s another situation with e-bay but to get a proper understanding of the costs I think you need to strip out the fees charged by ebay OR work them in the same way you’d work in any other shipping+insurance and/or vaulting fees for other avenues of gold+silver physical. Generally on the way to obsolescence I think we’ll see spot price jump far down & premiums jump very high until people realize premium IS spot.

continuityofliberty says:


It seems the group responsible for setting spot is the same group that’s manipulating the price down.

If COMEX defaults, what happens to their spot price? Does the LBMA engage in the same shenanigans as COMEX and, if so, what happens to their spot price if they default?

If I ever want to buy property with my silver at Goldmoney I’d prefer to do so at as close to its “true” value as possible, rather than at a price set by manipulators.

I’m trying to foresee how this might play out…

GoldMoneyNews says:

@continuityofliberty The future price of metal is becoming irrelevant. Its normal relationship to spot (i.e., the future price being higher than spot, which is called contango) has changed, at least for? silver. The future price for silver for many months (but not all at the moment) is less than the spot price, which is called backwardation.

GoldMoneyNews says:

@continuityofliberty The “spot” price is the price at which physical metal trades. Both the LBMA and the Comex have a spot price.? They also have a “paper” price, which is a commitment by the seller to deliver in the future if the buyer asks for delivery. So the “spot price” is the price at which metal for immediate delivery is trading, and it is the price GoldMoney always uses.

continuityofliberty says:


I haven’t either.

Sooner or later someone will come up with an answer…

hpojames says:

@continuityofliberty ask that question more often, i still have not gotten the answer asking it!

continuityofliberty says:

If the paper market loses it’s importance as a price discovery mechanism, how will spot prices be determined?

(This question is based upon my assumption that the paper market is a component in the process used to determine spot price, but I’ve never really looked into it so my assumption may be incorrect…)

407buddy says:

Keep on stacking!

AccuracyMarked says:

@revlisify Yes, that was Peter…he wasn’t feeling good that day…and was wearing his germ-be-gone mask…so he wasn’t a speaker that day.


Thanks for the upload sir

zmc33 says:


firefox666moll says:

@revlisify i think he’s sitting between dave morgan . mike maloney.

revlisify says:

Was that Peter Schiff was walked passed?

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