Rick Rule – Silver Shortage Continues, Financial Crisis Looms

Rick Rule – Silver Shortage Continues, Financial Crisis Looms

With continued volatility in gold, silver and the US dollar, today King World News interviewed one of the most street-smart pros in the resource sector, Rick Rule Founder of Global Resource Investor now part of the $ 9 billion strong Sprott Asset Management. When asked if there is still a shortage in the silver market Rule replied, “Yeah I think there is absolute shortage in the physical market.  There has been some softness (in the price) which I think is mostly a function of two things, generally a sort of risk off trade as institutional investors in particular have found credit conditions more difficult, and of course the tightening of the margin requirements in the futures markets.  But I don’t think that has obviated the near-term physical shortage which has come about from very, very strong retail end user investment demand and a shortage of coin strip.”
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