The intellectual battle between fiat and gold money

The intellectual battle between fiat and gold money

In this video Peter Boehringer of uses a boxing match to demonstrate the intellectual battle between fiat and gold money.

In this video, James Turk interviews Alasdair Macleod, Founder and Proprietor of Alasdair explains why he started his blog almost 2 years ago. His aim is to inform educated people about finance and economics, with an angle towards sound money. During the interview he looks back on his active career in the UK and how he acquired the knowledge he has. They also discuss the collapse of the Slater Walker bank in 1975 in the UK and the preceding boom-bust period. There are clear comparisons to today’s dangerous situation, where governments try to control the situation with more money and credit. According to Alasdair governments got themselves in a cycle of money and credit production where they can’t get off from. Central bankers and politicians make the wrong decisions. Statistics like GDP and inflation numbers are being misrepresented. Alasdair refers to gold and silver as the only sound money out there. He is very bearish on paper currencies. He elaborates on the COMEX as well as on the huge short positions taken by central banks and bullion banks. The video was recorded in London in advance of the Cheviot Sound Money conference held the day after.



helpendthefed says:

$55,000/oz = Free Market Gold Price

Hendo1974 says:

Nice Presentation!

Raycheetah says:

Gold’s fighting weight is only 20 million oz? =0[.]o=


Mr James “Gold is Money” Turk !!!
Nice video 🙂

bizwiz21 says:

Great interview!

dionhenderson says:

Nice interview James

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