“Gold and silver are the only sound money there is”

“Gold and silver are the only sound money there is”

This video is the final part of the interview James Turk, founder of GoldMoney and director of the GoldMoney Foundation, had with the knowledgeable Alasdair Mcleod of financeandeconomics.org. Alasdair refers to gold and silver as the only sound money out there. He is very bearish on paper currencies. He elaborates on the COMEX as well as on the huge short positions taken by central banks and bullion banks. View the full 15-minutes interview at goldmoney.com

This video shows an interview between silver bug David Morgan of silver-investor.com and Jan Kneist of http://goldseiten.de, organizer of the annual International Precious Metals and Commodities Show held 5-6 November, 2010 in Munich, Germany. This event was first organized in 2005. They discuss the monetary system, gold and silver investments and the reason why many Germans are so interested in buying gold and silver.
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dogbarker1981 says:

Gold and silver alone is not the answer to the monetary problems. Who controls the quantity of money is the real issue. We must issue government backed debt-free money. Gold and silver can be manipulated just as easily as paper can.. Research England’s history and the goldsmiths. Goldsmiths controlled the king by increasing and decreasing the supply of gold in the system. The tally stick system worked because the supply was not controlled by a few individuals. Learn more at dogbarkerdotcom.

MushroomCloud666 says:

I don’t understand his view much either… If gold (or silver) starts functioning as money again, there will suddenly be a big price premimum on it, no question about that. And if one counts in also the thing he said about the central banks having less metals than they actually claim to have, it’s definitely even more bullish for the precious metal market.

bestkeylar says:

Note of interest. The Perth Mint has taken? its listings for 1 kilo Silver Bars off the market. Only 20 and 100 oz bars available to the public as of a few days ago.(Feb. 10th,2011)

trexx32 says:

this guys a nut you cant burn gold or sliver to keep warm thats why i keep buying dollars

TheTruman777 says:

A well articulated video.

SnapDLizard says:

If the price of gold is reset — the purchasing power would essentially be what it was intended to be back in 1900. Cha-ching.

dmger14 says:

How can he say that he’s not bullish on gold and silver while completely acknowledging the manipulation of price and at the very end agrees silver is going much higher. Clearly, the end of manipulation will drive prices up more than just simply “maintaining purchasing power,” right?

continuityofliberty says:

I’m amazed investors ever allowed the paper market to determine the price of the physical metal.

I see ETF’s as identical to the gold receipts that were traded so long ago – the same scheme implemented through a created format.

So much of what occurs today is just a rehash of the same old tactics based upon the same primitive drives. Most people have grown past those drives, but we seem to always find ourselves dominated by throwbacks from a less evolved era.

patriahelvetica says:

Great interview. Frito likes Fiat currencies…!?

silvermaniamania1 says:

produce government’s will? whaT? federal reserve is private corporation! XD typical Austrian shcool non sense… XD BUY SILVER! XD

zalida100 says:

Great interview. Sometimes you can just tell when someone isn’t bullshitting.
Thanks V much.

buzzz121 says:

Great interview, thanks Mr Turk

qminusis says:

David speaks german. Great!


MarcusCMarcellus says:

Nice to hear a non-American-centric take on, well, ANYTHING!

The Germans remember their history and will not allow currency devaluation at the rate Bernanke-Obama propose.

SilverCoinage says:

FYI, David Morgan, who I respect for bringing about change in the monetary system, still follows the herd as far as market movements go. Don’t listen to his market calls (as I’ve observed him calling for dollar collapse as it bottomed, much like the news pundits), but listen to what he has to say about silver.

Hendo1974 says:

@bruno188home Yes, Germany and China are the ones to watch, both economies will just grow and demands for commodities will skyrocket!

charlesfuchs says:

I agree but silver is the better investment than anything else.

bruno188home says:

thanks for interview, those Germans certainly have got their heads screwed on the right way, and plan well for the future.

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