“Central banks, not gold, are the barbaric relics”

“Central banks, not gold, are the barbaric relics”

In this video James Turk and Michael Maloney of GoldSilver.com talk about central banking and gold.
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James Turk, founder of GoldMoney, speaks about the current situation of the global financial markets and its consequences for the Euro and US Dollar.
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sirellyn says:

There should be a few exceptions to “holding private contracts supreme over government”. Such as you can’t barter something that isn’t yours obviously, you can’t issue a contract to initiate force (and expect the government to uphold it.)

This issue really is how these “little things” that government could do to override private contracts have leaked substantially over the years, until today where they pretty much can do anything.

spectre1929 says:

the euro like the U.N is only as strong as the nations that back it ? now just imagine this scenario the E.U nations have actualy kept secret there true budget deficits ,the true banking weakness ?true unemployment numbers etc etc ? welcome to the real world.

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