How to Buy Silver Bullion in New Zealand

How to Buy Silver Bullion in New Zealand

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kbgoldrocks says:

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ManufactureBelief says:

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bruno188home says:

Wondered how you got on importing Eagles from gainesvillecoins, as we just placed order and were wondering about the import duty issue.

zalida100 says:

HiGF40 – I think the email hoax/virus thing you mentioned may be a bit outdated. I think it may have started around 2004 and re-released in 2006 etc etc.

But since you’re a clever chap and you will be using linux, then it’ll be fine for you.
No real harm I suppose in letting people know about it, but sometimes these hoaxes are put around just to get people to suddenly send out millions of emails.
Anyway, no big deal.

GuildF40 says:

Great work do you have a link ?

centurion1688 says:

ok, so i found out that whilst there is a differentiation between bullion rounds and bullion coins in the EU – being 19% on bars/rounds and 7% on coins with a face value. The UK however doesn’t make this distinction and charges 17.5% across the board, thereby making it cheaper to source from US and EU – assuming customs don’t rifle through your package and slap on the VAT, hitting you up with a nice bill on delivery 🙁

centurion1688 says:

i think u got lucky, but the odds are always in your favour as long as the parcel is not too big. they simply can’t inspect *every* package, and the smaller ones are less likely to be worth much. as far as i can see, all uk suppliers are charging vat on bullion coins, which leads me to believe that vat is indeed chargable. my plan is to order little and often, and stop doing it the second i ever have to pay the tax 🙂

GuildF40 says:

Maybe I just got really lucky mine was $9.99 to the UK :o)

GuildF40 says:

Could not edit this vid ……. the eagles & Maples and such like are bullion but also they are currency so there is a gray area which needs exploiting lol

GuildF40 says:

I could not edit this vid for some reason so no boxes popping up.
They are indeed bullion BUT they are also legal tender (a mirror argument I guess)

quibble72 says:

One coin will go through without any bother as long as it is valued at less than £18. It has to cost more than that to attract import duty.
I agree that, in theory, legal tender should attract no tax, but these coins are also bullion and the tax man will, I believe, argue that these were bought as bullion and therefore slap the tax on them. Worth testing, but I fear the taxman will get his way. Good luck!

sarahsgift1 says:

Actually I made a error. Gainsville shipping was over $50. Coast to Coast coins shipping is low at $10

sarahsgift1 says:

17.5% is completely insane! I hope your order slips through. Gainsville coins seem reasonable and managed to get a few good deals from there last week. Shipping to Canada was only $10.00 in comparison to ordering from Apmex which cost me $37.00 .First Majestic has really nice products and still one of my favorite places to order from.

AfterTheFox75 says:

I’ve read of some whisperings that they may try to pass legislation for it -once it’s clear that income and sales taxes are deceased. lol Oh they’ll try to milk blood from us yet.

GuildF40 says:

Its a tricky deal mate and one that I am just starting to try to get to the bottom of. makes sense though I mean if you sent me $1000 in cash I don’t pay import duty. There is a nice GREY area that needs exploiting before it is closed :o)

GuildF40 says:

YET lol

GuildF40 says:

It just came up that price at check out !
I paid via Wire transfer and actually called them to confirm. Maybe once you place order and then get the invoice the shipping is less die to wire payment and not a C card. Hope it helps

AfterTheFox75 says:

17% VAT is robbery without the gun! 🙁

One of the few advantages of living in the US…no VAT -yet.

jaynutter85 says:

Hey Guild,
You mind telling me how you got gainsville to offer $10 shipping? My girlfriend from norway emailed them and apparently they quoted $80.

Appreciate your help!

GuildF40 says:

Rounds I agree have VAT because they are NOT gov issue. I am not mainland UK but was told by customs legal tender does not attract tax !!!

jadcott says:

The only way to avoid VAT are:

1) Buy 2nd hand (where the tax is effectively priced in by the seller anyway)
2) Buy somewhere else within the EU where VAT is lower and take it back home (I think Germany has 7%?) but this would mean physically travelling – mail orders are subject to UK tax.

jadcott says:

Government issue coins or not, all silver is definitely and unavoidably subject to VAT (or equivalent import duty if bought outside the EU).

Even Britannias bought in the within the country have VAT applied.

GuildF40 says:

I agree with ya BUT the non currency coins are NOT vat exempt so its kind of 6 of 1 6 of the other. (when importing)

hiphopsocnroc says:

Huh…if you ask me it is a no brainer. So what you are saying is that currency is free of tax in the UK?

Anyhow, I’m currenty loaded with some silver maples. If anyone is looking for some at a great price let me know. I will ship to most places and do everything I can to avoid you any taxes/import dues.

Good vid again mate. Peace

SpringboardShop says:

Go for the silver non-currency 1 oz. coins. They’ll always be worth their weight in silver.

GuildF40 says:

Agreed my point is that Gov issue silver coins are actual currency and should NOT attract duty or vat…….
Needs testing maybe people can just try it on 1 coin just to ask the question.

GuildF40 says:

17.5% yup !

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