Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where To Buy Silver and Gold

Where to buy gold and silver Most trusted places are… www.apmex.com www.allamericangold.com Other recommended shops (I have not purchased from) www.cmi-gold-silver.com www.amergold.com www.blanchardonline.com www.kitco.com www.seekbullion.com www.silverstampede.com Video about the banksters buying gold and silver www.youtube.com I forgot to mention this other video on how to produce your own silver from old jewelry bar www.youtube.com

Just a quick reference you may be interested in looking at before you start investing in silver bullion of your own. Here is the list of people i follow: Ted Butler, Michael Maloney (will study anything and everything that this man writes or says), check out the silver news and updates website: www.silverseek.com, Jim Rogers (a fellow Youtuber has a website: www.allthingsjimrogers.com -excellent), Peter Schiff (www.europac.net), David Morgan – usually only listen to his commentary on www.Kitco.com and subscribe to him re: silverguru right here on youtube. That’s it really…hope this helps…staying up-to-date with silver is a full time job in itself!



Tiggerpilot says:


nogov4us says:

great video. Better buy all the gold and silver you can while your paper will still buy them.

saltman147 says:

whitest voice i have ever heard from a black dude not that it matters or anything

ToddFMaki says:

@dcglascock If you have a farm, good for you. If you don’t you will need something to barter with.

midnightrun7 says:

Silver at $38.50 NICE! Tarnished silver can be cleaned in warm water w a little baking soda and a pinch of salt in a boll. DON’T rub to hard, rinse w warm water and pat dry. I tried it and looks fine. May want to google or bing ” How to Clean Silver” Cheers!

kylextown24 says:

Send an email to lance.locke26@gmail.com for my free eBook on how to buy Gold and Silver at wholesale price!

kylextown24 says:

Friends don’t let friends buy silver (or any precious metal) at retail! That’s my motto! If you’re interested in buying silver at wholesale price, send me a message. No minimums or maximums!

fleckx says:

@MattyHild It was a recommended video for Captain American previews because all patriots should invest in physical assets such as silver and gold right now. That is, if you want to survive to be a patriotic American in the future. If you’re a kid, tell your parents to dump their dollars for silver, and maybe a little gold.

flashstrikewing says:

it turns black, hahahahah

scillowillow says:

Please check out my channel for more silver investing information and to register to win a 1 oz liberty coin. One given away every month! There are weekly Silver Market reports etc. Just click on my user name… Enjoy!

MattyHild says:

>Watching captain america previews
>This is in the ‘recommended’ next list..


davincij15 says:

This is why I use gold for short term savings and silver for long term savings. Also gold is less volatile than silver. Silver could lose 50% very fast while gold will take years to lose that much.

Doug012 says:

Hi Friend, I like your videos and agree with them, I Had a question about buying silver or gold it seem like silver the buy and sell price is so different compared to gold. It seems like if you had 5000. to invest you would be better off with gold if you would ever want to sell right away. There seems like such a spread on silver. But I guess that don’t matter if it goes up enough. Do you have a preference. thanks

davincij15 says:

You are the definition of a KKK.

martymendoza says:

He’s more white than black! disgrace to the black race! for the HOOD!

sownzgr8 says:

Where NOT to buy gold?

Begbucks says:

@dcglascock forget barter?

Begbucks says:

1:49 – I did!

dcglascock says:

All I am saying is to think beyond gold and silver! I think gold and silver are wonderful tools but just make sure thats not the only tool you have prepared in a collapse!!! Ron Paul for President!

davincij15 says:

Lets say you have no more food what would you do without tools to get you more food or move you to a new location to make food?

Gold and silver is a tool like a gun or shovel or a car. The fact you can’t see that does not change reality.
However with that said I believe gold and silver is not for you, since you perceive it as having no value you will treat it as such and not maximize it’s potential to improve your life.

dcglascock says:

I only have one thought to throw out about the whole gold and silver. I can see where gold and silver would be a good investment if you have alot of money in the bank, like 20,000 and above but for people that dont. I mean what are you going to do with your gold and silver when the ship sinks is it somehow magicaly going to save you. I suggest that you think food supplies and water, guns, things like this also. The real commodity to have in a collapse is food, it will be worth just as much.

1234dbs says:

APMEX is fine. I like those APMEX stackable.

PussyWrecker says:

APMEX rocks!!!!

failblorg says:

hey davinci also check out cmc mint. google them.
they actually have “resist the NWO” silver bars lol. i love them.

hotheadedjoelhaha says:

@uselesscard Apmex sucks? First time I’ve heard that. You dont give any reasons. Why? I buy from 4 differant companies. Apmex is one. They are in the same ballpark as Anyone else. Whats the deal. Shipping to high? Premiums too high? You simply say Apmex sucks, giving no reason. Why dont you? Just did’nt feel like typing or?

isdfgbsdf says:

Only problem is…..you can’t eat it, shoot with it, grow a garden with it, or carry it walking long distances avoiding the nuclear fallout . I salute your knowledge on the subject, but for me, I’d rather be storing food and water and investing in solar panels and ammo. If you need bullets, I’l trade that 100 ouncer for a handful of shotgun shells!!!

veejaytsunamix says:


Nathan21122012 says:

Crash JP Morgan, Theiving Bank Cartel. Buy Silver. Google find out how this will collapse? them, and give you large returns. I am from Canada – not a Spam-BOt. It makes me feel very good to do this. I will post this on random video’s with much viewing potential. DO? not comment please, Just research JP Morgan corruption. Observe the silver trends, of late. V! Heres to fighting the SYSTEM! I am simply informing those who wish to listen. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE VIRAL MESSAGE AT RANDOM, (FOR CHANGE)

urkingod says:

What kind of advice would you give for those who says,” investment is for people who has a steady income and has an extra money, who has the job/money to invest in these tough times ?”

hexstaticleon says:

@becauseushould so will i 🙂

godishere88 says:

This lady knows what she is talking about. I listened to her when silver was $11 and she had told me it would hit $25. I didn’t beleive her at the time and boy was I ever proved wrong. There will always be doubters in this world we live in, but this beautiful lady takes the doubters and makes them look silly when all her predictions have come true. You r doing an amazing job, keep it up, and yes not only are u smart, but very beautiful, u have a very lucky husband. love,

becauseushould says:

@urkingod … Yes i will be….

NazTheGreat says:

Shes CANADIAN! Phew…I was thinking why is this American so smart. Explains a lot.

urkingod says:

Would you still be buying when the price of silver is over $50 / oz ? It used to be $6/ oz.

akatheone1 says:

silver now at 40 dollars an ounce and counting she has probally already tripled her investment ,, smart chick she is.

angelmtza says:

@TheGreekMan1981 People who can afford PM can do both actually. One does not exclude the other.

VitoBandito1 says:

Very impressive.

kagarooninja says:

im really interested in buying silver because i dont trust the way things are going and i want to know i have real money not just paper to burn if things crash…..but im not sure where to start. where do i buy from? how can i be sure its real? how can i trust the sellers not to rip me off or send me somehting other then silver? i would really like to start investing in real money. please help thanks

TheGreekMan1981 says:

@becauseushould You can make fun of anything you want. You have free will. However the end will come. The dollar is crashing for one reason and one reason only. To start a new currency which bundles Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Then, after that….possibly the one world currency….when that fails…..microchips….?

TheGreekMan1981 says:

Silver will eventually correct itself in pricing. Silver is selling a little to high. Gold is selling much to high. I look for 32.00 silver / and 1100.00 gold in the next year. This is my opinion. It has happened before and it will happen again. Also, for those who are fearing end times…You’d be much better off with food. If someone is starving they would trade you 10 pounds of silver for a sandwich. I’d recommend food storage before buying up tons of silver.

garrettzkool63 says:

silvers topping off. on monday its gonna jump. especially slv

stangGTKKK187 says:


stangGTKKK187 says:

just got 50 oz silver…wohhoo

lwilliams16 says:

It’s amazing to me how in such a vast universe, pulsating with endless earmarks of intelligent design, we have products of that design who doubt anything greather than themselves. People who condemn anything foreign to their perspective never once for a second entertain the idea of their own ignorance, but rather choose to render anything alien to their finite scientific perspective as primitive. It’s the same sort of arrogance that sunk that unsinkable Titanic. I suppose seeing is believing.

lwilliams16 says:

@becauseushould I’m going to presume that you’re mocking me and that you somehow through some vain assessment of your own intellect have reduced me to a bible thumping moron. Perhaps, I’m not as riddiculous as you imagine. Perhaps, God does exist and those prophets of old aren’t the riddiculous raving madmen you presume them to be. Maybe, just maybe, John the Bapstist was more intelligent than you give him credit for. What if, just maybe, you’re wrong? Then what? I suppose time will tell! LOL

becauseushould says:

@lwilliams16 – LOL, why yes it is 666 upside down. Really though? ha ha… btw…before the “710” cap under the car hood throws you off….it’s actually just being looked at upside down, just where u put the oil, man.

lwilliams16 says:

Is it just me or is 666 written on these bars upside down as 999? Oh yeah! We’re headed there. Mark of the beast! Given all these financial collapse scenarios, we’re well on our way

lardlizard says:

Don’t be paranoid. Go out and spend your money on dining out instead.

Regenbogen3580 says:

All that silver is worth two times the price today.Good choice.I love silver.

phoenixrising2430 says:

Definitely read both books!!!…especially Peter Schiff’s updated/expanded version of “Bull Moves In Bear Markets” (in a gold cover instead of light blue).

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