Ben Davies – Gold Will Advance $400 on Price Discovery

Ben Davies – Gold Will Advance $400 on Price Discovery

With gold and silver hovering near their recent highs, today King World News interviewed Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital. When asked about a possible breakout in gold Ben stated, “The reasons why I believe there is potential for gold to catch up on the upside is that $ 1,440 level that we have talked about so many times on the show, I mean it’s amazing how that has capped the market, and I said we have to get through $ 1,440. Once we are through that level on a weekly closing basis we’re going to get discovery which in my opinion can easily take the gold market up $ 400.
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Open says:

the big hype about gold and precious metlas is a scam, when shtf metlas will be nothing but metal. The security? of thinking they have value is all they offer. In the scenario that S really did HTF, you couldnt find a fool to trade you a metal coin for a handgun, ammo, a riffle or shelter/food just saying i mean lets be honest. I have plenty of precious metlas but their soley as collectables

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