Crude Oil Is Black Gold. By Gregory Mannarino

Crude Oil Is Black Gold. By Gregory Mannarino

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dogfromhell loveis says:

greg what do you think about? food or agro companys? like lets say australian corporations involved in producing food?

redbones01 says:

would this be one reason to? invest in crude?

MrParrhesian says:

Unless you want to try to ride? it 225 why not take profits? Major support is in this range so there is very little left to pick up as far as gains go from this level. Good Luck.

FortuneSeek3rz says:

Eventually natural gas will take over. The carbon to hydrogen ratio of fuels used by man is? dropping every so many years, until finally we harness the power of hydrogen.

ropeyarn says:

Thanks for the? advice, Greg. Bought USO this mornng when it crossed the 31.50 line.

SteveCebu says:

The UN Small Arms Treaty is not a hoax. It is on Reuters today. It is set for March 18-28 2013 If you believe it’s not real and rely soley on snopes, what can I say, you are wrong. Obama and his UN cronies will use this to take your guns and then? your gold and silver. I would post a link to the Reuters article if it was allowed.

MindAxis8 says:

The definition of a pennant is

“A continuation pattern in technical analysis formed when there is a large movement in a stock, the flagpole, followed by a consolidation period with converging trendlines, the pennant, followed by a breakout movement in? the same direction as the initial large movement, the second half of the flagpole.”

The “large movement in a stock” part would be the move down from 35 to 30.

More at investopedia

mikenicee says:

Greg, I took your advice and am etf short on dow and also have amzn puts that have yielded? about 50 percent. I didn’t close these positions yet. Was hoping for your advice on this.

whizadree says:

whos gonna? replace tim Geithner? and whos the guy to replace him and whats going to happen with each scenario???

zeefang says:

This is also a question of mine. After searching around I found FactorShares 2x: Oil Bull/S&P500 Bear (FOL) at $9.25 !

Seems like a two-fer but this is new to me also. Maybe Greg can shed some light here. The other day is sounded like any ETF would do. ?

zeefang says:

I attended a 3 day stock workshop by Rich Dad organization (Robert Kiosaki).
The generally suggested service was? optionshouse. com
Plus you get a virtual account when you sign up to practice with. Lots of tools.
$1000 minimum cash for funding or $2000 minimum for a margin account.
Good luck.

zeefang says:

I see what you’re talking about, but the formation is called “Ascending triangle” , a pennant has a “flag pole” feature followed by a symmetrical shaped? triangle.
Good eye though.

chart-formations. com/ chart-patterns/ ascending-triangles. aspx

(remove the spaces.)

zeefang says:

You’re playing the wrong side of the? market. Don’t play for pops, play for drops.

quadcatfly says:


SMprepnNancy says:

Love you sweety… by Now teach me to pump and dump.? I would love a what ever cost a year hand holding from you. I have been up @ 4 sleep @ ?? tired.. sleep is my most valuable asset. Greg.. the vote was rigged.. you have 2 welfair states that sealed the deal ….. yes Sir! GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR OLD LADY

4GodsoLovesU says:

Any thoughts on SKF??

dustin swain says:

Oh yeah ! How about some grain etfs like weet? and jjg greg ? What do u think ? Does oil and grain etfs reflect true inflation rates ?

Dysentery78852 says:

greg help me pick one of these for getting into crude, the ones I found from? searching online are: ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil (UCO), Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3x Shares (ERX), 3x Long Crude ETN (UWTI). I don’t know what to get.

dustin swain says:

So 83-85 for a low on uso ? Love what you got? going here greg !! Holding physical ! How about QE4 timeframe , Before the end of the year ? Uso going to 120-130 ? april -may ?

Jason Taylor says:

Greg what is the best way to go about purchasing oil? Is their an Oil ETF?? or what would you suggest?

Dysentery78852 says:

Greg, need some help finding an 3x etf on crude oil. I was able to get myself into SDOW for my very first stock purchase by looking online, but I can’t find anything as easily for crude oil.. could? you give me a symbol and name for 1 or 2 good oil etfs cause i cant find anything online, thanks.

SteveCebu says:

Yes, it’s very bad news after we fought it the last time. They claim it’s? just for exports but it isn’t. Much in the same way as the Patriot Act isn’t patriotic at all.

gottohavesoulshine says:

rand? looks like a chump for supporting the GOP. Reince priebus is a loser and handed obama the election by rigging their own primary.

spiritartman says:

Madam Rotchsild did not want Obama she supported Romney – so it? seems whomever they are they appointed President Obama. So, does this mean the other powers have their own fight? RAND PAUL!

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