John Embry – Gold to $1,650, Shorts to Get Crushed

John Embry – Gold to $1,650, Shorts to Get Crushed

With gold and silver taking off today to the upside, King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management which has $ 8 billion under management. When asked about the action in gold and silver Embry stated, “This is a complete change in the market.  In the old days when the bullion banks took the gold and silver prices to the woodshed, I mean it took days if not weeks or months to repair the damage.  Today to have it turn around on a dime and go rocketing up, silver to 30 year highs and gold challenging its all-time high again, this is new action and I think it is indicative of the changed condition of the market.”
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Sandra says:

You should take a look at the fnndameutals of supply and demand. 25% of silver supply is recycled, if it where not for this demand would outstrip supply wastly. Furthermore, Silver is the most utilized industrial metals in high technology applications and is used in medicine,and so forth. second most used commodity after oil, and currentefbbbf reserves in the grund will be mined out in 24 years a current mining rates. further more most of these mines will nok make money if silver falls.

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