Speculative “Money” Coming Out Of Gold!? Are They Kidding!! By Gregory Mannarino

Speculative “Money” Coming Out Of Gold!? Are They Kidding!! By Gregory Mannarino

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RUcookoo says:

be sly as the serpent? and gentle as a dove

tuptaff says:

Roll up the hearse &? show ’em the flowers…greatest pre-closer of all times.

MarinaHill says:

It has been said that the enormous debt and crashing of the? dollar is being done “on purpose” to usher in a New World Order by causing economic riots and destroying resistance in the US by militarizing local police. The new military will be United Nations forces controlled by the Global Central Banksters. They are creating a New Feudalism…new Kings and Barons. They advertized their plans for the sheeple forty years ago on the Georgia Guidestones — THAT’s how confident they are of success.

noodlesdoctor says:

There’s the mainstream media talking down gold, and the false flag of “professional”? tungsten filled gold bars, it’s market manipulation via the media.

kcrone1 says:

Sounds like you may be catching a cold or getting sick Greg,, be well my friend.?

kcrone1 says:

Can’t do it, nor would I want? to.

apple1234iou says:

Hi Greg,

I like you videos, they are very informative.

I have one question… Why do you have adverts at the start of your video’s advertising different products from banks, such as personel financing? I thought you were anti? banks??

Isn’t it a contridiction?????

miatap21 says:

I’d like to add one simple step? that helps one wake up. Get rid of the TV!!!!! I got rid of mine over a year ago. That’s how I have time to find wise men of courage, like you. It takes a little adjustment since most people give it center stage in their homes and lives. But the adjustment is well worth the “investment”!

mk ultra says:

“The Fed can commit to deliver whatever economic outcome it? likes, but the problem is that the crisis in the euro-zone and/or a stand-off in negotiations to avert the fiscal cliff in the U.S. may well reveal it to be like the proverbial Emperor with no clothes”

Chris Brown says:

/watch?v=U_S4Q6uy0gY ?

Gamblor404 says:

nicely done my? friend… 🙂

dmger14 says:

I have watched a number of your videos and what you say resonates with me. I do see the possibility of deflationary collapse overwhelming the ability of new money to get into the economy, but only a slight chance of it. I’ve heard rumblings of everyone getting a check? they have to use to pay down debt and if you have no debt you keep the money, etc. so there is thought already going to the big helicopter drop to ensure inflation wins out. Keep up the great videos!

SuperThisishowwedo says:

You look much more credible with a haircut. Some? great videos. Thanks!

9pt9 says:

What a joke! They are not idiots, they are? liars!

mk ultra says:

Greg…just saw a? funny piece saying the banks are already calling for QE4! They say it will do little to help their spread sheets.

Vinh Nguyen says:

What a fucking awesome video. Holy, fucking shit, Greg knows his stuff and conveys it so well. BECOME OUR OWN CENTRAL? BANKS. PAPER MONEY IS DYING.

Morymugan says:

Because it’s the wrong CURRENCY at that particular place. Try paying with rupees… Gold and silver have retained their? value since ancient times and are easy to convert into other currencies as needed. Paper currencies only have value if people are willing to accept them as payment. In a Weimar-scenario, like the one the US is heading into, you will discover that gold and silver ARE money.

voogru says:

Try paying? your US groceries, US taxes, US rent, or anything else with euros or Canadian dollars and tell me how it goes.

Therefore, Euros and Canadian dollars are not money either!

mikedm01 says:

Guess that? means it’s coming down 🙁

Evil Storm says:

i heard on my local radio news bulletin yesterday that the boss of goldman sachs cannot understand why the Aussie dollar is so high? against the greenback. laughed my arse off. shows that they really are trying to take the rest of us down with america. love your work Greg, thank you.

silverkingukable says:

Cuff Bernanke!?

nausca says:

I am wondering if we need to stack? some 0.5 ounce or smaller silver coin for the future daily trading as money.

800lbgrila says:

If u must watch pundits follow who is cashing out / bunkering / in politics and corp banking, etc. They r in? the know – have a ticket. What wood u do if u knew fiat history – republic’s end?

HQCOMMS65 says:

if you ask shop owners most will take? silver or gold in payment ,i have bought meat clothes shoes tin foods using old british silver coins.

seppstein91 says:

the speculative money may come? out of papergold because it is no gold…

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