Obama Is Re-elected, Major Market Sell-off. By Gregory Mannarino

Obama Is Re-elected, Major Market Sell-off. By Gregory Mannarino

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OmegaPrime707 says:

Greg, I knew you would? post a video about the re-election of Obama, I just knew it! Thank you for all your work and effort, Greg!

JohnWayneee1y says:

Great vid and a pleasure as always. I Will do? the research as you said, ETS and the bear patterns that you showed us. Pls tell me your opinion on Islamic finance and economics, and if you feel it can solve the problems of the on going economic instability that all monetary systems have had always.

M.K Outland says:

Thanks to Obama’s great work Trance can flourish.? Thanks for the great work you’ve been doing, President Obama.
-M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

TheMrFunked says:

Hey Greg there was a video you did about using unsecured credit card debt to buy precious metals. You still have it on youtube? been trying to find it

Thanks? for posting the vids keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace, from N.Ireland

prideofsaigon says:

Yes Greg, we do appreciate you. We believe in your message? and we are following u to the end.

Dorsch69 says:

thx for your answer -? have to think about it.

Sebthebabou says:

Uncle Benny can actually hide an increasing crude demand by printing more ๐Ÿ˜‰ or other way around, a hiden crude increase (by printing) can hide the? printing to the public ๐Ÿ™‚

?????? ????????? says:


emanjarrezem says:

I’ve read your book and I will like to Thank you! I’ve started sending 5 bucks to my bank of American card. Time to get? my bail out!

cutmonn says:

Emotion will get you killed everytime, that the market will guarantee. Never marry the trade and always have an objective. Your spot on with crude and silver is a gift now. I bought heavy at 17 and soon after it dropped down to 13oz I didn’t blink. I think by July-Aug the world will turn bad. Bonds will? pop around the end of April , but the horror will come in Aug. and run till the first quarter of 2016. Thanks for the videos.

hubiethesaint says:

Good advice on the options but it’s still a scarey time because you can get caught up in a SNAFU as Celente did and had his account/margin got frozen. But this? is the chance that someone will take doing any kind of buisness deal. You shot from the hip and your reports are accurate and on point as far as I’m concerned. May the Irish War Gods proect you Greg O’Mannerino!

rdrake316 says:

Hi Greg, thanks for your work here. Do you have a suggested reading list? Options sound fascinating .?

rprestridge777 says:

Thank you, Mr. Mannarino, for your videos, which I watch each day. I’ve learned a lot, followed your advice, and believe that I’m? getting better and better prepared for the economic collapse just around the corner. Have a great day, sir!

john buck says:

As if Obummer has done anything positive. 4 more years of? Obama will do the country in for good. It’s a sad day for America!

Jack Belt says:

Great work as usual? Greg. I wish there was more people like you.

MrLukeOpai says:

Hi Greg, love your videos mate.? Keep up the great work!

Evil Storm says:

piss? off idiot

Fred Nurk says:

Transvestite gay guy in our office said you’ve got kissable rouged lips and nicely dyed hair, ha ha. He wants to know? your color brands. He said you were just missing the earrings, but maybe they come out at night. He said he’s a ‘pro’ like you. Looks like you have lots in common. He really like it when you call yourself a ‘Bull’. Now that’s really good talk in some circles. Bulling it here…Bulling it there…Bulling it everyfuckingwhere….Nothing better to do than Bulling he says.

itsadeadmansparty says:

dude? gregory buddy, dont waste your time voting, u and i know voting never solved anything

itsadeadmansparty says:

lol obama told the president of china he was going to win the fake election, so why on earth would u vote romney, u? know your votes arent counted

Truthseeker153 says:

Thank? You Greg.
Peace to you.

superarsenal009 says:

Do u have any suggestions for books? on options?

Lincoln Runie says:

romney and obama have the same agenda im from? australia and i know that haha they both want to increase the millitary spending budget and they say obama is suggesting a taxing spree and romney was suggesting make cuts in education and health they should cut millitary spending budget definitley and should provide alternatives to education such as online education and you have third party canditates like jill stein saying she would cut the millitary budget by like 50% its stupid but funny

SuperJV4x says:

your a bit like the Gordon Ramsey? of investing

Michael Camilleri says:

Greg, I think your videos are all insightful and full of amazing info!! Thank you so much, and please don’t even bother defending yourself from those people who have nothing better to do than criticize. Just want to let you know, that I did some Christmas? shopping over at Lulu!! Just purchased a box of your books, “The Politics Of Money” and will be giving them out to all my family and friends!! Thought the book was amazing and going to start rereading it again!! Thanks and have a fantastic day!

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