Important! More Losses Are Coming For Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

Important! More Losses Are Coming For Stocks. By Gregory Mannarino

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ShinyRealMoney says:

Hell yeah here number is on speed dial. Some? wall street people are in big trouble and if my info is correct, then a few grand juries are about to or already have been convened. The worry is that this administration will do something crazy to retain power, especially since they are falling behind in the polls.

TheEnneagram says:

“Submit Your Questions? For The Candidates” /watch?v=GCwmFo_K8YA

yaahme says:

Sell ASAP and buy the gift of the dip here? in Silver Eagles, this is a blessing that you will be able to help others with I’m sure.

waltermatthewberg says:

I think North Dakota is doing well not just because of the oil but because they are? the only state with a public bank; the Bank of North Dakota.


Where ever there is lots of oil the economy always fairs better.?

Pat T says:

what do you advise people should do with their? 401k?

Fabian4Liberty says:

The? losses have only begun!

statisticool says:

you got that? from Miss Cleo ?

waltermatthewberg says:

maybe in the lower 48 but the economy is still pretty good here in Alaska. I’m trying to get my degree without any debt and it? will always be better to have one than not.

ShinyRealMoney says:

Thanks for the info Greg but I have to disagree on the 100% of the next bond monetization move by the Fed. There will be a house cleaning of part of the corruption in the US. I can’t say how I know or give an exact date? but I can say that is close enough that we might not have to worry about it next year..

HalfQ says:

Nice work Greg, thanks man.?

ldmbf says:

Let me say thank u for all u do. I sell timeshare for a living and do well, I also own a successful carpet cleaning co. My dilemma is, I have just been offered a buy out for my co. Under normal circumstances I would never sell, but I’m not sure what the next few months will look like. Could u tell me, should I sell and put profits in silver? I have been stocking up, but an concerned if I don’t sell now, do u? think It is all going to collapse? Sick to my stomach. Can u offer any advice?

Volatility squared says:

Greg, thanks for? elaborating a bit more about the end of the burst. I 100% agree that there will be a time to transition out of the metals after this shakes out. When that time comes, what services or ways do you think will be available to transition from hard PM assets to the new system? What ever it is that system will be. I wonder if there will be a new wave of PM brokers to help people transition into the new system. Thanks for your efforts Greg!!

Mike Madness says:

Respect from New Zealand? brother


Monarch Precious Metals is? a neat place to buy from because they pour their own bars that have a old style unpolished look..

M77214 says:

Yeah I have been getting the Apmex silver bars and have been very pleased. Happy stacking my friend. 🙂

Mark Miranda says:

greg so right?

73cupcake says:

Have you ever watched a? Gerald Celente video? He is always talking about young kids in college/university getting ‘degrees in worthlessness’ he thinks there will be too many unemployed MBAs.

73cupcake says:

Well, I can’t tell you what to do, but from everything I have read and watched over the past few years, people are saying, and I think rightly so, that what you are going to need in the future are real skills. People will always need? their toilets fixed or sinks unclogged. With no jobs, people can’t lease/buy new cars and will make do with what they have and get their old car fixed instead (mechanic). I would keep the silver and re-think your career goals. Good luck. 🙂

Romulan112 says:

thanks Sherlock lol. It just felt bad after buying at what I thought was low to see a much? further decline right after I bought lol. . I thought that some one somewhere was really smacking the prices down with a vengeance. In the mornining, they blame it on profit taking and Spain lol.

remsjev says:

thnx for the updates, this was an important one!
I can also say that i really liked youre book, its one of my first books i read about economics.?

alijudiscover says:

Thank you so much for this info because I was wondering what would? be the best place to purchase precious medals…that’s right?

Irishsilverstack says:

Love the? videos man, keep them up. Great information.

BMWg84 says:

what is ironic is that the dollar devalues as the value of assets drop. The Bernank is going to be forced to kick up his presses full throttle. Like every other country that got into this mess in the past, the currency dies and a? new one will be introduced shortly thereafter.

waldentree says:

I? guess as people start running out of cash more state governments will take precious metals as payment for taxes owed. I like any junk silver; real coins that circulated; but I don’t think the US dollar will be collapsing any time soon, quite the opposite in fact.

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