Gold Reaper # 2 Concentrator for Gold Recovery ROTAPAN.COM

Gold Reaper # 2 Concentrator for Gold Recovery ROTAPAN.COM

Request a PDF MANUAL from Recovers gold & platinum as small as 50 microns. An absolute must to deal with concentrates. Process 20 litre bucket in 20 minutes.Test was micro gold in fine very heavy black magnetite – the most difficult. If I used river sands , the gold would drop rapily to the collection tube. All the sands would go to waste. ORDER from ROTAPAN.COM A SGTreport SPECIAL REPORT featuring Chris Duane & David Morgan.
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Bleppe says:

What would be an appropriate feeding? rate for this system?

rotapan says:


rotapan says:

depends on the size of the material , the specific gravity, wet or dry. Feed can be up to 3mm and is governed by the inlet screen. If feed was screened to say 2mm, you could process one 20 litre bucket every? half hour.

GoldenGooseBC says:

What is the? is the expected operating volume per hour on average?

TheNascarguy1992 says:

how much does this product cost and how big of concentrates can you run though it?

bichuela says:

When are you going do a USA GPAA gold show tour at least las Vegas ????? I? would like to see this in action

analyzingfunny says:

nice..really? nice

kiwisoft says:

there are plenty of gold in electronics dump…but it would cost more to extract? it..unless you are living in cina or india which labour cost is so cheap

w0tm says:

BTW – I ONLY take credit for being experienced and well trained in a few dozen subjects.When it comes to everything from cooking to gardening to hammering two boards together I am dummER than the proverbial post or box of rocks and sack of hammers.Being born curious I often know “something about many things-a mile wide but an inch deep” brain except? in,as I say,a VERY few subjects.Having minimal but a bit of knowledge about much causes some to believe I am an expert in all. Wrong!.

w0tm says:

As an (retired) electronics engineer I am accused (guilty) of not? being emotional except in rare circumstances. Having been paid to do pure research on certain metals (Ag more than any other) in the 60’s I know more than most people about scientifically proven properties of metals.You SHOULD be emotional at times (weddings, etc) but emotion and investing is a lethal combination yet quite common. Thus not my opinion.I only write facts proven by multiple sources.

georgemargaris says:

Thanks for your opinion.
I find this a very important question: how easily can silver be recycled (not only mobile phones), and when will it be cost effective.

It has nothing to? do with alchemy. Nor do I want to attack silver (some people here react very strongly to my question)

I love silver, but I am not religious for silver. I ask the question no one wants to hear.

I need scientific papers and answers, so I’ll continue my research.

Meanwhile: keep stacking! 🙂

w0tm says:

Yes, I ask for scientific sources or papers and they tell me “I just know it” or “my cousin told me”. I spent 40 years doing this, hold patents in this area and wrote many? articles still used in PhD level college classes but people who just know silver is silver colored will still argue with me. I answer once then stop. Waste of time.

dowhatuwill says:

Thanks for the info Gary. Always good to hear what you have to say. There are a lot of clowns out there”informing” people that there’s massive stockpiles of silver out there and/or all they have to do is recycle more if? it ever runs low.

dowhatuwill says:

Aluminium lost it’s value because of a major breakthrough in tecnology which made it cheap to produce. Is that about to happen with silver after 5000 years? I wouldn’t? bet on it.

w0tm says:

Take an old cell phone apart with help of electronics engineer and ask that they point out silver in phone.Much is INSIDE integrated circuits as wires thinner than human hair or dots so small? requires magnifying glass to see. Silver is also found integrated in back of keypad.I’d estimate 20% MIGHT be retrievable at cost of four figures or more.No need to argue-take old phone to an engineer or call Motorola and ask them.What other “valuable” commodities are in phones?

w0tm says:

I was paid by Atomic Energy Commission for five years to do just what you suggest! Alchemy remains an elusive dream. Not enough silver in large enough pieces to retrieve more than 6 mos. of what industry uses now. Silver mines running dry. No one had answer after spending many millions so gvt, bankers and industry took over suppressing price of silver and keeping fact of “will? run out soon” unknown to general public.Bottom line as metals engineer: We’re screwed!

w0tm says:

Having once done in-depth metals research as engineer alternatives are on the way! Good news! Bad news is production is decades? away. Laser beams INSIDE computers and parts, organic circuitry (grow electronics), even bionic! (add living tissue RAM to your brain!). Google “graphene”. Decades away so we just need to survive with no silver for 30 years. Return to 1950 level technology. New computers with speeds of Atari Pong games! Ugh!

w0tm says:

Science has REALLY worked to develop a cost effective way to retrieve silver. They have completely failed.Problem is silver (unlike gold) is mostly used in VERY tiny amounts (i.e. silver dots behind cell phone keypads too small to see without microscope! Typical cell phone contains $10 of silver. Cost to retrieve when cell phone is out of date-well over $20K (guess) if even possible. 95% of world’s? silver is now dust in bottom of trash dumps.Mines are almost empty

w0tm says:

You STILL own your silver or let bank keep the collateral (silver). If costs change the right way return some of what you bought for your silver and you now have office buildings, timber land,other assets AND your silver! THIS is how long-term multi-generational? fortunes are made.THIS is how fortunes (ie Kennedy) were made in the last Depression (30’s). Kennedy paid zero taxes then moved what he “bought” to trust in Fiji that continues today.Kennedys pay 0 taxes! They BORROW from trust!

w0tm says:

When silver peaks do NOT sell for paper currency. Worthless paper (soon) plus capital gains.By then I believe Commercial Real Estate, timber land and ?? long term assets that hold value or throw off rent? or renewable X will be at Depression prices. BORROW (not sell) against your silver to buy such assets. QUALITY office bldgs (ie medical) may sell for 1x rent as over leveraged underwater speculators go under – AND THEY WILL SOON! Timber land as lumber will not be needed – then! What else?

5yafiq4bdul says:

1/10th oz of silver is equal to 1 dirham. Dinar? and dirham are real money.

pardonwhat says:

try again..continued….these assets are measured in terms of cash/money. This means as money increases in value so do the assets. Its? a one way street which is why commodities have soared and will continue to do so whilst demand exists..

pardonwhat says:

the deflationary case that causes? cash to become more valuable does not hold because institutions dont hold cash they hold assets. If they

elpilotoazul says:

I love silver as an investment, but this 1/10th? ounce for a day’s wage argument holds no water at all. Centuries ago, aluminum was a precious metal, considered more valuable than silver. That one point in this video should be discarded. Silver IS a good investment, though.

ArgentPure says:

Chris Duane is awesome! Love his content! Time for another coin show vid Sean! How about a? longer one this time! Hint, Hint!

dowhatuwill says:

Yes, of course they will have to recycle even more than? they do now.It won’t be 100 % efficient or always cost effective for that matter either. How do you propose they recycle silver that’s been washed out to sea,incinerated or buried in landfills where the concentration of silver is a lot lower than the ore it’s extracted from in the mines?

georgemargaris says:

Oh, silver is a lovely investment and also an insurance.
I just dont like bad arguments, like: “Silver is destroyed”.

About the? rest of your comment…… recycling is already important in todays world, and it will continue to get more and more important. So what is your point? You cant imagine the world doing MORE recycling?

We have little choice. Do you not believe that we live on a small planet with finite ressources?

georgemargaris says:

Where is the silver more diluted? In the rocks of the earths surface, where it must be searched patiently, or in old scrap devices? where you clearly know IN ADVANCE that the silver is there, and waiting for you.

It boils down to the question: what takes more energy and is more expensive? Mining or recycling?
At some point in the future one might be cheaper than the other.
Maybe recycling is already a good idea?

All I’m saying: dont listen to “experts”, research for yourself

dowhatuwill says:

Some industrial silver is recycled? now. You’re totally missing the point. Suggesting that all industrial silver can recycled is wrong. At what price would it be viable to recycle every nanoparticle used in the 10,000 industrial uses? Certainly not $500 – that’s for sure. If investor demand doubles there’ll be ZERO production available for industry.
If silver’s such a lousy investment to you don’t buy any. Simple.

georgemargaris says:

I just googled the average silver content of a mobile phone. Its about 0.35 g.
So lets say? I am an electronic scrap trader and I can get my hands on ten thousand old mobile phones every year. that would equal 3.5 kilos of silver, or about 4000$ worth of silver today.

And thats just the silver, (there are other valuable metals in electronics) and just mobile phones.

You see, the silver is often clearly “trapped” inside of a old devices etc…. so how can you say its diluted?

0muffins0 says:

A lot of resources are not recycled because they become too dilute after used/thrown away to be economic, so you can say the silver has been “destroyed” because it? is effectively out of reach.

dv2012 says:

It would have to be $500/oz? before initial recycling research would make sense.

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